Episode 13: Conductor with Eric Kuck

In this episode we talked about Conductor with creator Eric Kuck.

August 4, 2017




Announcement: We have a new Co-Host for our podcast: Welcome Artur Dryomov!

We think that we need at least two hosts on each episode to produce a high-quality content. Unfortunately, podcast production is time-consuming but now there are three hosts, so we can ensure that at least two of us have time to produce a new episode regularly.

In this episode Artur and Hannes chatted with Eric Kuck about Conductor, a framework created by Eric as alternative to Fragments. We discussed:

  • Motivation behind Conductor
  • Conductor components: Controller, Router, ChangeHandler and ControllerTransaction
  • How Conductor works behind the scenes
  • Single Activity Applications
  • Testing
  • The future of Conductor

Discussion after the show

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